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Kundalini - Global PerspectivesThe Kundalini Database ProjectThe Awakening of Kundalini

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For more than 30 years, members of the  Institute for Consciousness Research (ICR) have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about Kundalini - a discovery that could be the most important scientific breakthrough of our time.

What is Kundalini?

The rediscovery of a hidden but powerful mechanism that is helping us solve the riddle of consciousness.

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Join us this year on July 16th and 17th in gaining understanding of the relationship between our reproductive system and our consciousness. Mystical experiences have often been described as erotically charged and sometimes sexually suggestive "unions" with the Beloved. Some ancient texts explain this phenomenon in terms of the awakening of Kundalini, the transmutation of sexual energy into spiritual energy and the union of the divine masculine and feminine.

Sublimation of reproductive energy is the basic lever of all spiritual disciplines. Subtle changes occur in the biological composition of the cells and the nerve fibrils, and a new activity starts in the brain. This is due to the opening of a normally closed chamber to the influx of an extremely fine biochemical essence that rises in a luminous stream from the reproductive region through the spinal cord. The extract serves as nourishment for the highly enhanced activity in the brain.

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This article Revelation and Inspiration, by G. Philippe Menos and Karen A. Jones Menos explores Revelation and Inspiration as paranormal phenomena in light of the Kundalini hypothesis.
It examines what some ancient and esoteric traditions tell us about these phenomena, including an interpretation of symbols surrounding Hermes/Thoth (Ancient Egypt), Vak (India), Quetzalcoatl/The Feathered Serpent, (Mayans of Mesoamerica), and Merlin (British Isles).
Historical examples of Revelation, inspiration, creativity, and genius include Mozart, Beethoven, Nostradamus, Mohammad, Newton, Neo-Platonists, Gopi Krishna, Shakespeare, Lu Chi, Goethe, Pascal, Nietzsche, Sri Aurobindo, Guru Nanak, Picasso, Einstein, and Milarepa.

For those who are looking for a simple, logical, concise explanation of what it means to be enlightened, the Emerging Sciences Foundation recently posted a Youtube video of a webinar presented by Michael Bradford on this topic. The physiological mechanism that brings about this state is also discussed, as well as the physical and personality traits that are associated with this state.

For those who are interested in exploring these ideas in more depth, two of Michael’s recent ICR newsletter articles – The New Paradigm, and Prana and Kundalini: Aspects of Shakti have now been posted in the Research section of this site.

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Kundalini: The Direction of Future Research

Gopi Krishna: An Interview in Zurich

In 1976 John White, an American author and researcher, traveled to Zurich, Switzerland to interview Gopi Krishna on the subjects of Kundalini and consciousness research. In these five interviews, Gopi Krishna gives insightful answers to many basic questions about the nature of Kundalini, the evolutionary, transformative, spiritual power in the human body.

Gopi Krishna also discusses at length how knowledge of Kundalini will transform virtually all aspects of human society, such as science, religion, education, and politics. He emphasizes that knowledge of Kundalini is absolutely essential for the human race to evolve in peace and harmony in the future.