In this section we provide a brief overview of ICR's approach to the study of Kundalini and consciousness as well as a summary of the literary research that has taken place to this point. We have also included information about ICR’s Research Honorarium Fund and complete articles about Kundalini and our mystics & geniuses research.

Mankind seems to be voyaging into a new world of perception and does not yet have reliable tools to cope with this apparently new environment. Just as most of the key ideas upon which our presently accepted science is based were known to the Greeks and lay fallow for almost 2,000 years, before development, most of the key ideas upon which this new science will be based seem to have been known to the Eastern cultures for even longer. Now seems to be the time for transforming these ideas into an accepted science.

—Prof. William A. Tiller

…we can develop a science that embraces the religions of the world, working in concert with them to understand the whole human condition. The centerpiece of this new paradigm is the recognition that modern science validates an ancient idea, the idea that consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all being.

—Amit Goswami, Ph.D.